Is the registration free?

Of course! The registration to our website is completely free. By registering, you’ll join the largest community of people addicted to every  article thought, designed, produced, controlled and shipped in and from Italy.

Will I receive newsletters after registering?
Yes. However, you will be able to unsubscribe from newsletters any time you want just by following the instructions described below.

Can I cancel my registration?
Sure! All you need to do is writing to the email service@firmiana.us. Please remember that after unsubscribing you will not be informed any more on new products or special offers and you will receive only transactional emails such as the order confirmation or the password recovery email.

How can I recover my password?
No problem, you just need to click on the “Remember password”  button that you will find on the top right.

Can I change my email address?
Changing the email address is quick and easy. After logging in, click on “My Account” (on the top right) and modify the profile data. All the changes will be done by clicking on the “Save” button.

What is your privacy policy?
Firmiana gives a top priority to data security. We treat your data according to the current legal requirements (Italian Lgs. D. n.196/03). Further information are reported on the Privacy Policy area of our website.

How can I place an order?

Placing an order is super easy. After selecting the products that you like click the button “Add to cart”, a pop-up window will open, click OK.  Then click “Checkout” and you will be able to see the articles you chose, confirm them or delete them. To proceed you must log in or register. You will be able to specify your billing and delivery information and decide which payment method fits better your decision. After having accepted the terms and conditions you can conclude your order and receive the email confirmation of your products.

How can I check the order status?
To verify the order status you can access the “MyFirm” area and click on the “My orders” section, where you will see the order production phase. We will notify the delivery 24 hours in advance by emailing you at the address you state while ordering.

What payment methods do you accept?
You can pay through your Paypal account or by bank transfer. We suggest you keep your credit card close to you to speed up the payment process, so that you are sure you get the best limited deals on time.
How long should I wait until the delivery of my order?
We carefully select every design product that you see on our website. Delivery days can vary until 30 days depending on the production characteristics of any product and by the inventory situation. In case of orders including multiple products, take into account the longest delivery time stated. Please note that some countries may suffer a longer delivery timing due to transportation issues.
Should the delivery be delayed, you will always be informed.
In case of any doubts or questions please refer to the email service@firmiana.us

What is the delivery cost?
Delivery costs depend on the volumetric weight of each product and on the country where the goods have to be delivered. Delivery is free for orders above €449.99 for the following countries:  Germany, Austria, France, Spain, UK, Ireland, Portugal, Belgium and Holland.

In which countries do you ship?
We ship almost everywhere in the EU and North America except for some products that may have commercial limitations in some countries. You will be able to select your country during the order process. Please note that some countries may suffer a longer delivery timing due to transportation issues. 

How should I act upon delivery?
We do our best to identify the best transportation partners for every country. However, we suggest you follow these steps during the order reception: (i) please check that the products in your box are as many as reported on the delivery note; (ii) please check the packaging entirety and note every sign of visible breakage.
In case you think something might be wrong, please make sure you sign the delivery note as “goods to be checked” and report, if possible, any alleged damage.

How can I contact you?
In case of any doubts or questions please refer to the email service@firmiana.us.  If you prefer to talk on the phone, here is our phone number:  +39 0761 513049

How can I ask for a product replacement or for a refund?

No worries! Please follow the following simple steps to return products in an easy and quick way.
Return policy is written in accordance with the current Italian Law.

What can I return and how? 
You may return any eligible product you have ordered within 14 days from the receipt of the product(s). The return policy does not apply to those products that are customized and/or manufactured on a single order basis (Lgs. D. 6/9/2005 n. 206).
The returned product(s) must be in their original conditions and properly packed, possibly in their original packaging. If the original packaging is broken or not available, you must use an appropriate alternative package in order to the return the product(s) to the Firmiana warehouse.
Please make sure you include in the package a copy of the delivery note  detailing the returned product (or products) and the reason of return.
If you are unable to return the product, please write to service@firmiana.us  and we will help you in organizing  this process. Please consider we will charge you the fees.
In case of missing or faulty product(s), Firmiana will replace the product(s) according to the product(s) availability.

How will I get my money back?
Return generates a 100% product(s) cost refund.
If the product(s) is missing or faulty, Firmiana will also refund the returning delivery costs.
The refund can be settled through bank transfer or Paypal. Please let us know the payment method you prefer by contacting service@firmiana.us. Partial returns will correspond to partial refunds.
Firmiana  will refund the amount according to the chosen payment method within 30 days from the moment the package gets to the Firmiana warehouse.
The refund on your bank or Paypal account will be available in a few days according to the bank timing.

What kind of warranty will cover the products I want to buy? 
All the products on this website are distributed by Firmiana only through direct agreements with furniture companies, manufacturers and dealers, carefully selected according to their production and style criteria.
The Firmiana team checks, on a random base, the product(s) before its shipment. However, the client always benefits from the product legal warranty given by each producer. The legal warranty policies are governed by the Italian Law. The legal warranty is reserved to consumers: it therefore applies solely to any natural person concluding a legal transaction for a purpose that cannot be ascribed either to their commercial or independent professional activities. According to it, in the event of defective products the client has the right to have it remedied (delivery of non-defective goods), to cancel the order or to receive a price reduction.

Who is Firmiana?

Firmiana is a leading Italian firm created by a young team addicted to products  thought, designed, produced, controlled and shipped in and from Italy.
We carefully select the best articles around, we test them  and we fall in love with their peculiarities. Then, we place them online for your pleasure.

I have a technical problem. How can I contact you? 
We are obsessed with granting you the best website experience, however we know that inconveniences happen. Please make sure that your browser is fully updated. In case of any problems, please email service@firmiana.us

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